It’s still winter here but day dreams are wandering towards spring.

For fun I’ve started planning out a possible bicycle ride on the Maine coast. A quick search provided a wealth of information.

For the gear I’m using my dependable old Pure Fix bike. A minimalist city bike once used to get from Quincy to Braintree MA for work. Added a surprisingly inexpensive and sturdy Iberia wrack with Roswheel panniers. Plopped on top a Coleman sleeping bag paired with single person old school bivi. There’s also a lovely waxed canvas and leather backpack that’s probably coming along that was recently used for an off season trek up mount Cadillac.

For the route there’s great information on the state website listing campgrounds, historic sites, showers, fees, and the like. These links have been invaluable.

I’m still early in the planning process but what an amusing way to spend time in between software projects and overcome winter. It can be invigorating to explore something fresh.

Next steps are to look into fire, food, fishing, group rides, cellular data access, and places to hike. Are you doing something similar in Maine this summer? Feel free to say hi! Ideas and conversation welcome.


  1. It’s May now and the air smells like perfume in Maine. Wherever the eyes fall is prettier than the greatest painting created. Natural beauty is fantastic here. A treat.


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